Edozo website design at Becurious agency.

Edozo is a technology and data specialist for the commercial property sector. Their website and systems help property firms reduce costs and increase revenues. Whilst freelancing at Becurious as part of their website design team, I helped create a website for edozo.com. The project began by taking existing homepage concepts and building them in Photoshop.


Becurious, Edozo


July 2016


Website Design, Photoshop, Illustrator

Responsive website design
I designed a responsive grid for both desktop, mobile layouts and created typographic, navigation and icon elements. At the same time UX and animation experience was evolved and briefed to the developers via design notes. The next stage involved designing new pages based on the final brand guidelines.

Navigation and UX design
Additional features needed to be designed including: Navigational side bars, menu and button styles. The basic layouts then became a guide for wireframes. We then applied this to future pages keeping the style consistent and evolving the website. Photoshop layout website design for desktop and mobile versions.

Becurious, a creative design agency based in Kingston Upon Thames.