Supermarket branding design for Tesco.

Large format print design for aisle graphics and signage.

Between March 2013 – February 2014 I worked in-house at Tesco as part of the property design studio team. Each designer was given an area to specialise in, mine was world-foods. The role involved creating graphics, signage and branding for proposition stores. From concept stage to creating final artwork, for ten months I would develop signage for ten rebranded stores, each varying in size. The concepts had to be flexible, if a store didn’t stock a specific world food, then they needed to be able to choose country specific signage. We created guidelines in an A3 pdf to help visual merchandisers and shop fitters understand how to implement the signage.

Each pack included examples of:
– High and low level signage
– Headers
– Navigational Signage
– Patch signs
– Shelf ticket strips
– Shelf talkers
– Opening signs
– 2D elevations

Working along side a Studio Manager, Design Manager, Art Director, Copywriters, Art Workers and Graphic Designers.

World-foods aisle branding
Tesco - Branding World Food aisles

Tesco Branding World Food Headers

Logo Signage Branding Guidelines
I also worked on branding guidelines for logo signage. In large Tesco supermarkets there are many restaurants, shops and departments with their own brand such as Harris + Hoole, Giraffe and F&F. These guidelines aimed to give details on secondary logo size and positioning both for exterior signage seen next to a Tesco logo and also for interior usage.

Branding Guidelines
Tesco Logo Signage Guidelines
Tesco Logo Signage Guidelines