iGaming Business

iGaming magazine design.

Editorial layout design using InDesign and Photoshop. Print CMYK A4 format.

My main responsibility involved designing iGaming Business magazine, working directly with the Editor and Production Manager. Every two weeks we produced a 100+ page A4 magazine, alternating between the three iGaming brands for UK, Europe and USA markets.
Editorial design tasks included:
• Art Directing cover concepts and producing final designs.
• Typesetting cover feature copylines.
• Designing page layouts for features, regular articles and news sections.
• Image sourcing and editing to create visuals for features.
• Creating infographics, tables, graphs and charts to illustrate technical or financial data.

AFF issue 51
The cover feature was on eSports betting. To illustrate this I researched the types computer games associated with eSports. Then searched for stock library images that could be combined and edited together to create the final illustration.

iGaming AFF eSports gaming cover design.
iGaming Business AFF - Magazine Design

iGaming AFF eSports and SEO feature.
iGaming Business AFF issue 51 feature design

AFF issue 54
Artificial Intelligence was the cover feature for this issue. Straight away I wanted to have something stark and minimal. Strictly speaking AI may not have a body but if it did I imagined it would be skeletal with micro chips and wires visible. We tried a simplified face but it started looking like an alien. The robot illustration helped bring it back to technology and the AI chip in the centre confirms this. The stark white cover is an compliment towards apple computers and how beautiful their design is.

iGaming AFF AI cover design.

iGaming AFF AI feature.
iGaming Business AFF issue 54 feature design

iGB issue 94
Virtual reality was the cover feature for this issue. Made up of three images to convey a online gamer playing poker in Vegas. The colour image inside the VR mask represents the virtual game.

iGaming virtual reality cover design.
iGaming Business Magazine Design

Virtual sports cover design.
iGaming Business Magazine issue 94 virtual reality cover

iGaming virtual sports feature.
iGaming Business Magazine issue 94 virtual reality spread