Cable Guide

Cable Guide customer magazine design.

Editorial layout design using QuarkXpress. Print CMYK A4 format.

Cable Guide was a TV, entertainment and sports listings magazine. Combining strong layout design, typography and art direction. Designed back in 2002 when I worked for Scorpio Multimedia a TV listing publisher. I’d always been very passionate about editorial design, part of my degree course was specialising in fashion and film magazine design.

Each month as part of the Cable Guide team I would source imagery and then make a selection best suited for our editorial style. Cropping the image was key to the overall layout and the typography was consistent in terms of body copy and pull quotes. Heading size and position would differ per spread to create pace.

Single page features.
Cable Guide Magazine single pages

Michael Dougless feature.
Cable Guide Magazine feature spread 2

Running feature.
Cable Guide Magazine feature spread 3

Sarah Michelle Gellar feature.
Cable Guide Magazine feature spread 1